Transclassical Music™

A term Lucía Caruso coined to describe a style based on classical music techniques, improvisation, and elements from different cultures and eras in a variety of styles and genres, integrating classical and world instruments. The term ‘Transclassical’ implies that this genre can bridge the different classical music traditions from around the world.

‘Light & Wind’ Piano Concerto by Lucía Caruso

Movement I: Wind Storm, then Dusk
Movement II: Gentle Nightly Breeze; Sunrise
Movement III: Soft Rain, Sunshine, and Tempest

First Portuguese Guitar Concerto in History

The first concerto for Portuguese Guitar and orchestra in history, written and performed by Pedro H. Da Silva with Orchestra of the Swan, conducted by David Curtis. This historical piece was debuted at the Stratford-upon-Avon Artshouse December 5, 2017.

Transclassical Metal Project


The Universe Echoes Back