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I represent Lucía Caruso, and Pedro H. da Silva, two internationally-renowned Manhattan-based composers who are breaking barriers in genre, composition, and orchestra in a style that they call Transclassical™ music, a style based on classical music techniques, improvisation, and elements from different cultures and eras (read more here). I am writing to propose a performance with one or more of their works with your orchestra.

Caruso and da Silva's performances are always highly engaging and exciting to younger and older audiences thanks to their Transclassical™ style. This past year, da Silva has performed three concertos and two soloistic pieces with orchestra on five different instruments: Portuguese, classical and electric guitars, sitar, and inside of the piano with flamenco guitar technique for Caruso's piano concerto. They invented several new performance techniques for that concerto, including using guitar and banjo picks, drumsticks, chalkboard erasers, and a felt-covered yardstick.

They have recently recorded symphonic compositions at Abbey Road Studios in London with the London Metropolitan Orchestra and have played them with several orchestras including Orchestre Lamoureux in Paris at two concerts organized by the Louvre Museum in the Tuileries Garden. Together, they have performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls and art institutions of the USA, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, MoMA, Palace of Versailles, Louvre Museum, and Kew Royal Palace in London, among many others throughout the world. In 2009,  they co-founded the Manhattan Camerata, a non-profit chamber ensemble and chamber orchestra that performs Transclassical music around the world.


They have garnered only extremely positive reviews for all of their albums and performances. There are several New York Times articles that mention them, including an Op-Doc that was prominently featured on the front page. There are three documentaries about them, one of which is currently rotating through the festival circuit, having been shown in over a dozen festivals.


Da Silva was a composer-in-residence with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas. He and Caruso are currently composers-in-residence with the Orchestra of the Swan in Stratford-upon-Avon, and will premiere two new song cycles with them in 2019: “Echoes of Nature” and “Shakespeare Songs,” at the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford, which was Shakespeare’s church (where he was baptized and buried).  They will have repeat performances of the latter at the biggest classical music festival in Portugal, Os Dias Da Música.

Their compositions have been performed in over a dozen countries across four continents.  They have collaborated with members of some of the greatest orchestras – London Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre de Paris, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and New York Philharmonic.


Caruso is starring in and scoring the music for the feature documentary, Forte, which will be released in 2019. The film follows the stories of three groundbreaking women in the arts, one of whom is Caruso. This will be the first time in history that the composer is shown during the process of writing music for the film within the film. It is produced by revered classical agent, Anastasia Boudanoque (Mischa Maisky, Maxim Vengerov, Lang Lang), and directed by David Donnelly (director of Maestro, the award-winning documentary about Paavo Järvi).


Da Silva and Caruso are recording an album with the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields at Abbey Road Studios in 2019. The album with the orchestra will include da Silva’s Portuguese guitar concerto, which is the first ever Portuguese guitar concerto in history, and Caruso’s piano concerto, which includes a classical guitarist strumming the strings inside of the piano with guitarist techniques. Both concerti are incredibly captivating and a guaranteed unique addition to any program.

I would like to propose the performance of the following compositions:

  1. Piano concerto: “Light and Wind” by Lucia Caruso (premiered 2018 with the Orchestra of the Swan) (25 Minutes)

  2. Portuguese Guitar Concerto by Pedro H. da Silva (premiered 2018 with the Orchestra of the Swan) (25 Minutes)

  3. Five songs for soprano and orchestra: “Echoes of Nature”  2014, by Lucia Caruso and Pedro H. da Silva (not premiered) (25 minutes)

  4. “Folía” for Portuguese guitar, piano and orchestra (premiered 2016 with the Orchestra of the Swan) (6 minutes)

  5. “Snow” for Portuguese guitar and orchestra by da Silva and “Clouds” for piano and orchestra by Caruso (premiered in 2012 by the Orchestre Lamoureux in Jardin des Tuileries and Louvre Museum in Paris, recorded at Abbey Road Studios by the London Metropolitan Orchestra)  (6 minutes)

  6. Other orchestral works, such as “The Woman and the Dragon,” “Orchestral Study,” and others.



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